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Welcome to Vysionics

Vysionics Intelligent Traffic Solutions is the new force in ANPR solutions. Formed in 2010, Vysionics brings together Speed Check Services and Computer Recognition Systems; both well known for their innovative and industry leading solutions for the ITS market.

Our solutions are all ANPR based, covering a diverse range of real world applications, including:

  • Journey Time Systems
  • Average Speed Enforcement
  • Police ANPR
  • Bus Lane Enforcement
  • Congestion Charging
....and many more integrated ANPR solutions...

Vysionics is the global leader in average speed enforcement, with Home Office Type Approval for SPECS3 – a networked average speed device. Over 280 temporary and permanent SPECS installations have been operated around the UK, delivering significant reductions in collisions and casualties, whilst improving traffic flows, capacity and emissions.

All of the thousands of camera installations we have worked on centre around the use of ANPR, monitoring vehicles as they travel along a road. Since we first invented ANPR over 30 years ago, our products and services have continually evolved to provide the best achievable solutions within this market area.

Projects will often start as a unique one-off development, which then evolves into an industry standard approach. Examples of this are the City of London ‘ring of steel’, SPECS average speed enforcement, the London Congestion Charge Zone, and most recently, automated bus lane enforcement with LaneCheck.

If you have an application which could benefit from our peerless experience, email us today or call one of our highly experienced ITS Account Managers to learn how a Vysionics solution could improve the performance of your roads.

Our solutions are available through the Crown Commercial Service 'Traffic Management Technology' Framework and Cloud-based services are available through the HM Government G-Cloud Framework.

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Vysionics  World Firsts

  • 1979
    First ANPR reader, used at Dartford for stolen vehicle detection
  • 1983
    First automatic plate detection ANPR system
  • 1989
    First Origin/Destination ANPR based journey time measuring system
  • 1996
    First ANPR security cordon for a major city (City of London ring of steel)
  • 1999
    First Home Office Type Approved average speed enforcement system - SPECS
  • 2002
    First ANPR based congestion charging system "the London congestion charge"
  • 2009
    First Vehicle Certification Agency approved bus lane enforcement system
  • 2009
    First Home Office Type Approved networked average speed enforcement system
  • 2011
    First redeployable average speed enforcement system - SPECS3 POD
  • 2011
    First rapid deployment average speed enforcement system - SPECS RD
  • 2012
    First complete roadworks safety solution (SPECS, Journey Time & recovery CCTV)